Baby Therapy

Every baby has a story to tell. Sometimes babies may have unresolved issues from the womb or the birth experience that they express by a specific baby body language and/or emotional expression, memory cry. Often, when their story is heard with empathy, even physical symptoms may resolve, like:

  • colic,
  • inconsolable crying,
  • feeding or digestive problems,
  • eczema,
  • distress, etc.

The bond with parents may deepen by the empowering experience of mutual understanding. In this video you can find a more extended description of the field – Birth from the Baby’s Perspective (10 mins).




Please feel free to contact me for a session if you are, or have been:

  • going through difficulties, concerns with your baby,
  • with your bonding to each other,
  • but also if all goes fine and you would be interested to hear your baby’s story and explore it together.

A session lasts 1,5 hours.

For babies of 0-4 years, and your partner is of course welcome to join also.


                                                       ABOUT JULIA KARADI
porte4I am a Hungarian psychologist living and working in Amsterdam since 2011. I have been training and working extensively in the field of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, exploring how our earliest experiences (from conception till after birth) shape who we are, even as adults. After experiencing therapeutically the defining impact this period has on our life, I moved on to supporting families on the transitional journey of welcoming their baby, to help prevent and heal prenatal, birth and bonding trauma.

I have finished a two years training of Integrative Baby Therapy with Matthew Appleton. IBT is a wonderful way to support families in listening to the baby’s story, so the family field can become less stressed and more coherent and loving. The baby gets a chance to be heard in a contained way, and to be free of having to carry on traumatic experiences into adulthood.

You can contact me by
phone:  06 14 57 00 86

…or leave your message below.