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SHANTALA BABYMASSAGE hartje opsommingsteken
A special way of creating a loving space together in deep contact with your Baby. An hour of living the moment of one to one connection. For all moms and dads.

I invite mothers and fathers to experience the moment in a circle of connection. Looking and being with all there is. The deep eye to eye connection your Baby will drive on.

Through soft massage you strengthen the bond between you and your baby. You learn to read the body language.
Babymassage works relaxing, smoothing for belly cramps.
Smoothens sensitive babies, improves sleep, gives a feeling of warmth and security.

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hartje opsommingsteken Age and practical details
This form of massage is for Babies from 6 weeks till you and your Baby likes.
We will meet for 5 lessons, wednesday mornings 11:00 o clock for 60 minutes.

hartje opsommingsteken Costs and time
The costs of the course are: 5 x 15 Euro (75 Euro). There is 100% natural, homemade Babymassage oil.

We will massage with tender care and loving connection on: Wednesday, 11:00 o clock

hartje opsommingsteken Please bring along:
relaxed clothes, if possible a sheepskin to lay your baby on.
2 towels





hartje opsommingsteken If you wish more information please be welcome to contact Kathrin – Oliefant: