International Mama group

In our mama group we have five meetings. In these meetings Phineke will teach you new insights about parenthood & early development. Also you can share experiences in a pleasant and safe environment.

hartje opsommingsteken Infant Mental Health

Every new beginning is a promise for a future. Infant Mental Health (IMH) literally means mental health of a baby, including the young child. The young child in the broadest sense of the word, from -10 to about 3 years. By “-10” we mean the number in months, the unborn and even the unexpected child. The infant mental health does not see a person as a client, but focuses on the relationship; the relationship between parent / caregiver and (born) child. The young child is not yet alone, but always in relationship with his parent or caretaker. This way you can also describe this form of coaching as coaching Baby Relationships.


hartje opsommingsteken About Phineke

Phineke Tielenius Kruythoff (1979) is Infant Mental Health Specialist (Registered Member (DAIMH / WAIMH) and Video Home Trainer. She has extensive experience in supervising pregnant, young mothers, children and (multi-problem) families. She has a background in nursing and clinical developmental psychology.

In her independent company ‘Infant IJburg’ she is a consultant, guest lecturer at the RINO Group, trainer at Babyknowledge and Infant Mental Health coach.

Phineke has a husband, three children and lives in IJburg.

hartje opsommingsteken Costs

Costs: 150 euro for 5 meetings.

hartje opsommingsteken Contact

You can contact Phineke by mail, of phone.

Phineke Tielenius Kruythoff
Infant Mental Health Specialist
Trainer, Docent & Adviseur
Infant IJburg

Tel: 0641017586