Mindfulness for kids

hartje opsommingsteken Meditation: The practice of calmly focusing inwards, a quiet time where the mind can be still.

hartje opsommingsteken Mindfulness: A way of being in the present moment, to pause and notice what is happening around and inside of us, so we can choose our behavior.

The Peaceful Pebbles combine these to learn and practice skills that have the power to change lives.

  • reducing stress and anxiety (I am calm)
  • increasing compassion and self-love (I am kind)
  • boosting self-awareness and confidence (I can rely on myself)
  • helping to let go of tension in your mind and body (I am relaxed)
  • improving creativity as well as attention (I am focused)
  • allowing you to live in the now (I am present)
  • becoming aware of your emotions (I feel…)

hartje opsommingsteken What are we doing?
We start with simple yoga exercises that improve balance and strength. The importance of correct breathing and how a few conscious breaths calm the body and mind. Games and experiences that show how to focus. Hands-on instructions to deal with stress and anxieties, e.g. before exams. We learn to relax with body scans and guided imagery and use visualizations to overcome difficulties. Connecting to ourselves, to find peace and strength from within. We end with a short gratefulness exercise, which leaves us with a warm heart and smiling faces!

Practicing mindfulness and meditation already as a child brings many benefits that will not only last, but grow over a lifetime. During the course we introduce and practice everyday routines – parents are more than welcome to practice at home or visit the parent-child workshops.


hartje opsommingsteken I am Nora and I started the Peaceful Pebbles in 2017. 

image003Values like compassion, empathy, a sense of justice and connection with nature and animals have always been important to me. I worked in fashion for a long time, which became more and more difficult for me – stress, deadlines, the feeling of wasting my life time and the growing awareness that the industry isn’t ecological or humane.

Becoming a mother emphasized the feeling that I need a change in my life. I quit my job with the motivation to find something that will suit me better, something I can stand behind without conflicting my morals.

The decision only came when I took a time-out, a trip of 5 months through Asia. Being able to let go of all the usual daily stress and responsibilities and just live guided me into the direction of mindfulness. Becoming a coach was the right step for me towards helping others and contributing to a better world.

Noticing the benefits of regular meditation, gratitude and slowing down myself is a life-changing, ever growing experience which I enjoy very much. Learning the tools to hand that to my daughter is deeply satisfying, knowing that an early start might bring even more peace and joy into her life. Teaching more children, sparking the interest in meditation and maybe making a positive difference in their lives excites me. I love the image of Thich Nhat Hanh of “planting seeds”, knowing that beautiful flowers will sprout.

Starting in October 2017, I will give courses in Amsterdam. Lessons are held in English, for kids from 4-8 and 9-12, and parent-child workshops take place every month. Looking forward to meet you!

hartje opsommingsteken Prices
– 10 euro try out lesson

– Or a 10 ride pass for 100 euro