Pasgeborene zwemmen

hartje opsommingsteken Infant swimming

Feel the deep contact with your Baby. You will be shown how to work with the dive reflex which is natural to the newborn Babies. You will enjoy the relaxing movement through the water letting your Baby float supporting with your hands. A journey to connect and relax together in the warm inflatable pool.

Relax together and play in warm water for newborn’s and babies up to 5 months.

Babies are already familiar with water from their time in the womb. From this feeling, we introduce the babies step by step to free movement and swimming water. Under expert and loving guidance you learn how to support your child in a quiet and relaxed way. The water is pre-eminently the element to feel good to each other. In this way you provide the bond of trust in a playful way. Babies are born with the diving and swimming reflex. Some babies also make their first dive. The water session is also suitable for babies with birth stress, digestive and sleeping problems.

Parents and babies can practice, play and intensely enjoy each other in the water with this experience, at home and in the swimming pool. 

The lesson is given in a large birthing bathtub of 36-38 degrees with sea salt and without chlorine. After a short conversation about the birth and development, the teacher shows the first steps after which one of the parents joins the bath. Fine if the little one is not too hungry but does not have a overfull stomach.


hartje opsommingsteken Please bring along

Relaxed clothes, if possible a sheepskin to lay your baby on and 2 towels.


hartje opsommingsteken Costs, time and place

Costs: 80 Euro per 1 hour, by appointment (including oils).
Adress: Kiekstraat 22-24, Amsterdam

hartje opsommingsteken Contact

Feel free to contact me for more information: