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Moving, grooving, and growing for mom (or dad) and me
Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst for kids ages 0-4, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun!

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Silliness and wacky dance moves are 
not required – but highly, highly encouraged 😉


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Give your little oneA Healthier, Happier, More Enjoyable Start

Through 6-16 week sessions, we not only nurture their love of movement so it becomes a way of life, but give you the chance to nurture your inner child as well!


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hartje opsommingsteken Kids Only € 7,50
hartje opsommingsteken Mom/Dad & Toddler € 10,00
hartje opsommingsteken Combi Moms Workout & Kids Only € 12,50 

Woensdagochtend van 11.00 tot 12.00 uur

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Email: info@bijeefopijburg.nl
Telefoon: 06-52595240